New report on gender equality in national climate action

In November 2016, a new report was published on gender-aware approaches to national climate change policies.

The report, “Gender Equality in National Climate Action: Planning for Gender-Responsive Nationally Determined Contributions” was authored by WISAT Executive Director Sophia Huyer for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

It assesses the status of gender as a factor in the current climate change policy landscape, as well as provides guidelines for incorporating gender equality in the planning and execution of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

The NDCs will delimit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions a country can produce under the agreement and are a critical element in national strategies to address climate change. Women are known to be affected in different ways than men by climate change, and to be able to contribute in different capacities to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Strategies to limit emissions that take into account their different roles and contribute to their empowerment will therefore be more effective in reaching their targets.

The UNDP report identifies challenges, gaps and opportunities to date in integrating these considerations and provides recommendations for key actions to respond to the primary challenges. It highlights entry points for mainstreaming gender into NDCs and climate policy. Finally, it identifies the main building blocks for gender-responsive planning for NDC implementation.

The full report is available for download below.