National Assessments on Gender and STI: 

D3Numbers of women in physics, engineering, computer science on the decline globally

The number of women in science, technology and innovation is alarmingly low in the world’s leading economies, and actually on the decline in several, including the United States.  

Women remain severely under-represented in degree programs for these fields. Even in countries where the numbers of women studying science and technology have increased, more women are not finding their way into the workplace.



Welcome to the WISAT website! Women in Global Science and Technology is an international non-profit which promotes women's development of science, technology and innovation. It believes that women should have equal access to technologies and participate fully in the knowledge society.

National Assessments in Gender and STI Joins GenderinSITE

Posted 2/27/2014

GenderInSITE - Gender in Science, Innovation, Technology and Engineering - is an international initiative to make policy makers aware of the gender dimensions of science, technology and innovation. WISAT was represented by Sophia Huyer, WISAT Executive Director, at the inaugural meeting of ithe GenderInSITE Coordinating Group in Trieste, Italy on February 3 and 4.

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Stocktaking and Assessment on Measuring ICT and Gender

Posted 2/21/2014
A report by the Task Group on Gender (TGG) of the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development addresses the availability of sex‐disaggregated data, especially in developing countries. Prepared by Nancy Hafkin, WISAT Senior Associate, for the Partnership, it takes stock of existing ICT indicators disaggregated by sex, assesses data availability and identifies main gaps based on an evaluaton of needs and demand for such indicators. 

Gender and science, technology and innovation (STI)

Posted 11/6/2013

In most countries of the world, women and girls have lower levels of access and ownership of information and communications technologies (ICTs) than men, the effects on women of technology are not adequately understood or taken into account, women's productive activities are not adequately supported by technology and resources and the numbers of women in the science, technology and innovation fields are alarmingly low. 

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Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) Launched in Abuja

Posted 10/21/2013

October 7, 2013 - WISAT participated in the launch of The Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), a coalition of public, private and civil society organizations aiming to lead policy and regulatory reform and spur action to drive down artificially high internet prices in developing countries. Sophia Huyer represented WISAT as a member of the Advisory Council of the Alliance, which was launched at the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation’s Annual Forum in Abuja, Nigeria. 

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WISAT at the Launch of Brazil's ICT 2012 Surveys

Posted 10/1/2013


Nancy Hafkin WISAT Senior Associate, participated as a guest speaker at the launch of Brazil's ICT Surveys: ICT Households 2012, ICT Enterprises 2012 and ICT in Education 2012 by the Center for ICT Studies (CETIC) and the Brazil Internet Management Committee, in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 1 October 2013. 

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WISAT Senior Associate Named a Heroine of Computing

Posted 9/12/2013

Nancy Hafkin, WISAT Senior Associate, is featured in the Heroines of Computing exhibit of the Women in Computing Gallery at The National Museum of Computing (UK). She was included for her work to bring about email connectivity in more than 10 African countries during the 1990s. Sponsored by Google UK, the Gallery highlights the pioneering role that women have played in the development of computing and has been designed to inspire many more girls to take up computing as a career.

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WISAT Participates on WSIS Panel

Posted 5/30/2013

Senior Associate Nancy Hafkin participated on the Measuring ICT and Gender Panel organized by the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development at the WSIS Forum 2013 in Geneva on May 13-17, 2013.  WISAT is a member of the Partnership's Task Group on Gender.

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WISAT Board Member Judi Wakhungu Named Cabinet Secretary for Environment in Kenya

Posted 5/23/2013

Prof. Judi Wakhungu, previously Executive Director of the African Center for Technology Studies (ACTS) in Nairobi, Kenya, was appointed the new Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water and Energy by President Uhuru Kenyatta on April 25, 2013.

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NYU-Poly TCS Lecture: "Gender in the Knowledge Society"

Posted 5/23/2013

Senior WISAT Associate Nancy Hafkin delivered the 2013 Alumni-endowed lecture on important issues in technology, culture and society at the New York University Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, New York on 9 April. The lecture on Gender Equality in the Knowledge Society was attended by an audience of 120 students and faculty in science and technology. The Institute’s Department of Technology, Culture and Society (TCS), chaired by Dr. Kristen Day, delivers courses and supports research and educational programs that investigate how technology and science shape – and are shaped by – broader social and cultural issues. 

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New Gender Benchmarking Study Finds Women Greatly Under-Represented in South Korean Science, Technology and Innovation

Posted 3/8/2013

Numbers of women in engineering, physics and computer science are on the decline in Korea

Seoul, March 7, 2013– In the first gender benchmarking study of its kind, researchers have found that numbers of women in the science, technology and innovation fields are alarmingly low in the world’s leading economies, and are actually on the decline in others, including the United States. South Korea’s low ranking in the study results reflects a substantial underrepresentation of females in public and economic life.

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