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National Assessments on Gender and STI 

D3Numbers of women in physics, engineering, computer science on the decline globally

Even in countries where the number of women S&T students have increased, women are not finding their way into the workplace.



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WISAT at Gender Summit 8 - North America

Posted 4/29/2016

WISAT participated in two panels at the Gender Summit 8 in Mexico City:

1) The plenary panel "Participation of women and girls in science and technology education" featured a book launch for WISAT's Mexico National Assessment: Participation of women and girls in national education & the Science, Technology and Innovation system in Mexico: A national assessment based on the Gender Equality in the knowledge society (GEKS) indicator framework”, by Prof. Judith Zubieta and published by CONACYT. Sophia Huyer, WISAT Executive Director, presented an overview of the National Assessments framework and results.

2) The panel "Agents of Change: gender inclusion in pubic policy" was chaired by Prof. Gloria Bonder, UNESCO Chair on Women in Science and Technology in Latin America and WISAT Board member. It featured presentations by Nancy Hafkin, WISAT Senior Associate on the recently published National Assessments in East Africa, and Sophia Huyer, WISAT Executive Director, on Gender in International Climate Policy

More information on the Gender Summit.