National Assessments Panel at the ISA World Congress of Sociology

A panel, Gender and Science in the South: a comparative assessment of gender equality in the knowledge society, was held as part of the Sociology of Science and Technology program at the ISA World Congress of Sociology, 13 to 19 July 2014, at Yokohama, Japan. Panellists included: Dr. Alice Abreu de Paiva, Emeritus Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Dr. Nelius Boshoff, CREST, South Africa, and Dr. Young-Ock Kim, Senior Fellow, Korea Women’s Development Institute.

Presentations looked at women’s potential for participation in these countries in the area of ICT, science, technology and innovation as ‘Knowledge Society Inputs’ based on the Gender Equality-Knowledge Society (GE&KS) indicator framework. The studies attempted to measure the gap between inputs and outcomes.