WISAT Panel at the AAAS Meetings, San Jose, February 2015

A GenderInSITE-OWSD-WISAT Panel on “Gender Equality in the Knowledge Society: Better Analysis Through Better Information” was held at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) on February 15.  With funding from The Elsevier Foundation and Sida, the panel presented the results of the National Assessments on Gender and STI for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and the USA.

Participants from left to right: Ylann Schemm, Program Officer, Elsevier Foundation (moderator), Sophia Huyer, Executive Director of WISAT and GenderInSITE, Alice Abreu, Emeritus Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; and Judith Zubieta, Coordinator, Open University for Distance Education, UNAM.  Nick Perkins, Editor, SciDev.Net, acted as discussant.